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this blizzard. it is about to bear its teeth. want to plunge right in. chad myers with me in the weather center. give me the bottom line. >> it looks like we have arms or the outer bands of a hurricane approaching new york city. not a hurricane, but we will have hurricane winds with this coming up, brooke. >> i'm coming back to you. we'll talk about the dense northeast, tens of millions of people, many of whom lived through sandy. first, the good news. skiers who planned trips right before the valentine's day weekend here, those folks, you called it right. as we look at these pictures from maine, do keep in mind those winds are going to whip. and before this thing is over, you will have zero visibility, snow blowing sideways, deep, deep drifts, that sort of thing. want to talk about boston. look at this. this is -- you can't see it, it is fenway park. you'll recognize fenway if there wasn't snow and ice on the lens of this camera. snow started there right around 9:30 this morning. and we're hearing boston could break its all time snow record. the all time record set in either 1978 in that deadl
of stuff you heard chad myers talking about earlier. it's this powdery kind of snow that once you have blizzard like conditions, you have what, 40, 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts blowing around logan international. once that gets up into the air, that's why you have the white-out conditions. that's why it's very important to stay off the roads. in fact, it's illegal at this point to be on the roads in the state of massachusetts. according to the governor, after he issued that mandate that said only emergency vehicles can be out. anyone caught being out in the roads other than emergency vehicles can face a fine up to $500 and jail time up to a year. >> wow. all right, jason, we'll continue to check in with you. let's get the big picture now. where the storm is, how much longer it's got. chad myers in the weather center. chad, where are you tracking right now? >> it will start shutting off from the poconos eastward in a couple hours. probably shut off in new york city in about six hours. still, an awful long way to go for east of there, connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts. mt. sinai, 1
as the airports batten down the hatches. weather forecast from chad myers in a few minutes. the west coast, we're tracking the manhunt for ex-lapd cop. the suspect' burned truck has been dound about 100 miles northeast of los angeles. he vowed to wage war on police. three people are dead, one officer, the daughter of a former officer, and her fiance. we begin with kyung lah. what is the latest on the manhunt for this very dangerous man? >> the sheriff's department just came out and spoke with reporters. what they are saying, and it's a little surprising, that despite the perilous conditions, despite the danger the officers are facing on this rough terrain, they are going to keep on searching. snow is in the forecast. weather is going to become extremely difficult. but they say they are going to stay out there. they have the dogs out there. they're going to use all the technology they can, but their goal is to try to corner him in some very rough terrain, piers. i have been out in that area. it's a heavily wooded area. there are resort homes. some of those homes are empty. you're talking about
. >> around this time last night, chad myers was saying a storm was coming. all day long i have been looking at reports and press conferences officials had, and the conditions looked awful all day long. how is that hampering the search? >> it's been pretty tough. it's dangerous for a number of reasons, anderson. one, now, they think he might have 30 guns. that makes it dangerous enough. right now, they're also still out searching. they're going to keep teams out here until dark and then they'll be back in the morning. the snow is coming down very, very fast, very quickly. the roads are treacherous. a lot of roads are closed. but it's amazing to see because they're still determined to find him. but they say that one of the nice things ability the snow, even though it is so dangerous and treacherous is actually the fact they can follow footprints. they found some footprints, turned out to be a cross country skier, but they're hoping maybe this will help them find his tracks or find christopher dorner. >> if i was living in that area, wi i would be concerned. there have to be houses that are is
. the latest with chad myers coming up. neutrogena®. >>> the rising political star of former democratic congressman jesse jackson jr. has fallen to the ground in a streak of misused campaign funds. money he and his wife spent on things you would never even dream of buying. even on someone else's dime. elk heads? fur capes? two hats formerly worn by michael jackson, and memorabilia involving the late martial arts star bruce lee. the tab coming to $750,000. in washington, jackson pleaded guilty to federal charges today saying he has no interest in wasting taxpayers' time or money with a trial. leaving the courthouse, jackson apologized. >> i'm sorry i let everybody down. >> did you say you are sorry you let everybody down? >> i'm sorry i let everybody down. >> i really, really am sorry about that. >> jackson's father, civil rights activist jesse jackson, was in court today for his son's plea, and lynn sweet was also there. she had a personal encounter with the former congressman. she's the washington bureau chief for "the chicago sun times" and an old and dear friend of mine. she joins me
on the drivers and the storm they're stuck in from chad myers in the weather center. chad? >> anderson, if you left too late to get home from work or wherever you're coming from, school or whatever, you very well may have had a very hard time getting home because the snow totals are coming down so fast. amarillo, in 24 hours, picked up 19 inches of snow and all the way down to woodward, oklahoma. it wasn't snowing this morning. they are now 15 and it's still snowing and blowing around. some of these winds 60 or 70 miles per hour creating five and six-foot drifts. we're hearing some of the plows are coming off the roads again. as soon as they clear, ten minutes later, the drifts are back in again in parts of texas and oklahoma. this is going to be a very difficult night. i just can't stress any more what you just said, do not travel. do not go out. you could get stuck. and then the people trying to come get those people are getting stuck. they're sending bldozers literally to clear some of the snow to get to the emergency vehicles that are trying to get to the people that are stuck. it's not a
lot here at this church in south boston. conditions are severe, and if what chad myers and the other meteorologists are saying, the conditions are just going to continue to get worse as we now experience near white-out conditions in boston. >> chad myers saying over the next ten hours this thing is going to get worse and worse. we're going to be back on one hour from now at 10:00 eastern time. we'll be on for two hours all the way up to midnight. a special two-hour edition of "360." right now, piers morgan starts. chris cuomo is filling in for piers. that's starts right now. >>> all right, our thanks to everybody here. it's truly an honor to join the cnn team. thank you for the coat. there's a hat somewhere as well. and i got my big first exclusive for you. piers morgan, he's okay. he's landed in london safely. we have new information for you tonight on the two big stories. new insight into that rogue ex-cop turned alleged killer that could help lead to his capture. plus reports on the restraining order his girlfriend took out against him. all that in a moment. first, we're going to
. chad myers, the temperatures, as larry poret just said, are downright cold, and you saw for yourself as well, chad, those passengers have gone from being stiflingly hot to freezing cold and grabbing whatever blankets they can to huddle on the fresher air of the -- of the decks. >> and it rained almost all night overnight last night on those passengers that were on the deck. larry, if you can hear me, we know the ship is late to arrive because the wind was so strong out of the north, almost pushing your boat backward. did you feel that wind when you were on the boat? >> we felt the wind, but we also know we're being pulled along by tugs. and, you know, i'm just -- out of frustration, the passengers are frustrated because we see other tugs, tugboats, that are just going along the -- and, you know, why can't we have more tugboats pulling us in? why can't we have more help? we've been out here four days extra just trying to get home. >> i wish i knew that answer. >> we need help. we need somebody to get us in. >> you're also in a current now, a long shore current that's trying to push yo
a thousand people. chad myers is here and just so i'm, first of all, crystal clear, because my first thought is this is odd, we're talking about this asteroid shaving -- buzzing past earth and now this meteor, totally unrelated. >> completely unrelated. one from the south. this came in from the north. completely different paths. it just happened to happen on the same day. >> that's odd. >> it really is odd. i know. >> the difference between an asteroid and a meteor is -- >> that it is an asteroid when it hits the earth's atmosphere it turns into a meteorite or a meteor. it hits the ground, it is a meteorite. an asteroid is sitting out there waiting to hit the earth. so it is really this thing was an asteroid. then it turns into a meteoroid when it is going to approach and get into the earth's atmosphere. then it is a meteor. then a meteorite if it hits the ground. i know. one more term, a boloid, meaning it is going to explosion. and the explosion caused this shock wave, caused the sonic boom, caused all this damage. it was the explosion. >> thus the question, what is the catalyst for the ex
in chad myers and nasa public affair affairs josh byerly. how is this even possible? >> i think we've all done this, you think you're upgrading your computer and all of a sudden when you turn it back on it doesn't work anymore. the upgrade didn't take. when they were trying to get the soft wiware to a new level, the level didn't turn back on. they lost communication. we might as well talk to josh. he was right there. >> josh, what haed? what did occur. >> chad's got it exactly right. we were doing a routine update on board the software on the computer. there's a primary computer and backup computer. they swapped over to the backup computer so upload the primary one and we lost communication with the space station. we send command and voice up to our tracking and data relay satellite system, satellites which are 22,000 miles out in space. they beam that back down to the space station. we're down to communicating with the space station only over russian ground stations once every hour and a half, there's another pass coming up in about ten minutes which this is is the same way they used to
meteorologist chad myers is in the cnn weather center in atlanta. chad, what is the forecast? >> the forecast for boston and connecticut, rhode island, all of vermont, new hampshire, it's all snow. you are seeing these pellets, that is underdeveloped snow. it's not really hail, it's snow. it is just kind of a snowy ball. when you get that snowy ball, be it won't pile up as much so you won't get the 27 inches if you get those grapple pellets. i think 20, 30 inches is still possible for eastern massachusetts, providence, and probably hartford, connecticut. new york city has been mixing on and off rain and snow mix all day long. long island has been a rain mess for most of the day and even into stat ten een island. all of this will turn over to snow. you're seeing snow now in new hampshire. that will pile up 20 inches easy. the farther you are to the east, the longer you will be in the storm's path. that means you're going to get the storm for longer. here's the storm at 6:00. directly due south of rhode island. by tonight at midnight, this is when it's the worst. this is the closest approach. t
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with us because i want to bring in chad myers. the pop he was talking about. what is happening big picture there? >> it is an intense deepening of the low, which means the pressure of the low pressure is going down very rapidly. it's like you could watch that barometer on your mantel just that needle move all by itself because the low that came across with the cold has now met up with the low that came up from the south that brought the wind and the rain to the southeast. that low now is intensifying. it's become one. one plus one is like two and a half, and that's where it is at this point in time, and that wind will continue for ali as the low cogoes up this way, by noon, it will take all of the rainfall with it and snowfall with it. here's the deal, anderson. here's where it's snowing right now. right there. a little off the coast, but here's where it's going to snow in three hours. here's where it's going to snow in six hours and here's where it's going to snow in 12 hours. what places are going to get snow for the next 6 to 9 hours? right through here. this area right through here in
. allison kosk in manhattan, and chad myers tracking the storm for us here at the cnn weather center. let me begin in boston tonight. look at these cars, covered. logan airport, by the way, measuring one wind gust at 76 miles per hour. folks, that is two miles above hurricane force. indra petersons in the thick of it, joins me from a very snowy boston. i don't know if you have the wind -- the measuring the wind -- how have conditions changed since the last time we talked? there it is. >> it's fuby because every time i stand here and i think things are okay. not too bad, and one of these guszs blows by and it's just unbearable. think of ice pellets pelleting your face, 40, 50, 70 miles per hour. logan airport is only two miles from here. they had a 76-mile-per-hour wind gust. imagine that with ice pelting your face. that's what we're dealing with. this is definitely right in the thick of the blizzard. snowfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. we have seen 3 to 4 inches per hour. we see visibility switch up based upon that. the downside, so many people without power. in massachusetts alone, 350,0
of the storm is with chief meteorologist for cnn chad myers. you're in the severe weather center. what do we understand, first? give us a sense of why this blizzard is a concoction of these two fronts, what it means and where it's moving? >> one low pressure center, chris, brought the cold. one brought the warm. and wet. and the one here from michigan came across, a little bit slower than it maybe could have been. and then the one came up from the south, and that's what made the moisture. they are now together. they are one storm. and that was the accelerated wind that ali velshi was feeling just ability 15 minutes ago in that live shot. this is now going to be a significant weather maker for anywhere from new york city, and just east of the city, all the way up into maine. now, we're not probably going to see a lot more snow in new york city, maybe 4, 6 more inches, but the big snow totals are going to be massachusetts, connecticut, rhode island, vermont, new hampshire, and maine, because that's where the low is centered. the low is off the coast here. the closer you are to the low, the mor
that and more. chad myers has more details ahead on "360." email marketing from constant contact reaches people in a place they're checking every day -- their inbox. and it gives you the tools to create custom emails that drive business. it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at constantcontact.com/try. >>> welcome back. rescue teams will work through the night searching the waters off san francisco for a family that radioed the coast guard from their sinking sailboat. this was their final sos call. >> coast gaurld, coast guard, we are abandoning ship. this is the charm bow. we're abandoned ship. >> that was yesterday afternoon. besides the sailboat's name, the charm blow, coast guard knows there were two adults and two children aboard and they didn't have a life boat. their names, however are a mystery. they're asking for the public's health in identifying them. you have been in touch with the coast guard. what is the latest on the sturch? >> we know the search will continue throughout the night. they have aircraft up
come yet. this is sastorm that will affect the northeast overnight. let's check in with chad myers for the late r on the storm's path. >> it's about halftime and the second half is about to get more important than the first half. the pressure is getting deeper, the winds are going to get stronger and in some spots the snows are goat to gesignificantly deeper. we're talking about a foot of snow in a lot of places, into connecticut, parts of eastern massachusetts and even into new york. the snow continues all night long. we'll keep watching it for you. >> chad, thank you so much for that. stay aware and stay indoors and hopefully everybody has what they need. that's all for tonight. i'm chris cuomo in for piers. anderson cooper starts right now. >>> chris, thanks very much. good evening, everyone. it's 10:00 here on the east coast. we have two big breaking stories tonight. the man hunt for rogue ex-cop and suspected triple killer. we got these surveillance shots of him taken january 28th outside a hotel in or nj county, california. there's also new video on the firing range as an lap
to meteorologist chad myers who is standing by. i am very, very confused by what i have been told about this nor'easter. depending what models you are looking at we will get three inches of snow or three and a half feet. i don't understand how it could be so widely diverging. >> let me describe the issue we have. and people are saying how come it's so wrong? how come you are so widely scattered. 15 years ago we would never have started talking about computer model forecast numbers 48 hours before the storm. wouldn't have talked about it. we would have said wait, we don't know yet. wait until we know more. then 12 hours before the storm we would have given you a number. we looked at all these models, here's the deal. this is the quarterback. let's go back to the super bowl. this is the wide receiver. the quarterback is going to try to throw a ball here. the wide receiver is going to try to catch it. if they both cross at the same time, this storm doubles in intensity. you get the moisture and the cold and it comes together. and it does what we call a fuji wara effect. they spin around each other.
of the storm. that is what happened during the blizzard of 1978, let's bring in chad myers. was it harsh? did it make a difference? >> i hope it made a difference, i do. if you go back and look at the tape of any show of the past three days, if the anchor asked me the question, what are you more concerned with? it will be that people will leave too late to get home and they will not be home and they will be stuck in their cars for 24 hours. that was my answer to wolf, to ashlee, any anchor that asked me that question. you know, people get stuck in cars. you have a bit of gas left, you use it to heat. things happen with carbon monoxi monoxide, like we saw in boston. >> that little boy. >> right, you go out to the car you have to clear the exhaust pipe. you are all by yourself, and you are us approximating firefighters, national guard and others in danger getting you. i am glad the governors did what they did. we had a fantastic forecast. >> compared to 1978, those computers were 48 hours in advance. four days for the european model. 48 hours on the forecast, we said, we could have had 24-inch
meteorologist chad myers. right now most of the blizzard warnings have been canceled or they're going to expire soon. is this over? are we finished with this? >> we're finished with the storm itself. there's still snow in cape cod and nova scotia and the maritimes. other than that, this isn't going to go away for weeks. this snow will freeze and thaw and freeze and thaw. the sun will come out, make you snowblind at times. you need to get out there at times and get fresh washer fluid as well because that stuff will fly for weeks on end. get the "cold okay" stuff. don't get the stuff that's going to freeze at 20. make sure it doesn't freeze till maybe 0 degrees out there. yonkers had 23 inches of snow. because there's so much snow on the ground, it will make the temperatures go down to 10 easy. look at milford, connecticut, 30 inches of snow. when you plow it in big piles -- i lived in buffalo a long time, you can still sled in july because the piles they make at the shopping centers are still there. all the way to the middle of summer. up in new york, 30.9. stoney ook, islip, paramus, yes, it's
meteorologist chad myers. tell us what you saw. >> reporter: i picked up the tornado out of marion county, mississippi. there was initial report that came out of their emergency management agency that a tornado had indeed touched down and struck several homes, injuring several people. from there, i was able to pick it up about 10 miles to the west of hattiesburg. the storm was larger on the western side of the interstate than the eastern side. we've been able to go through and look at our video. now, the folks in west hattiesburg, i didn't hear sirens over there, but as we moved toward the college campus. the sirens were loud and proud. also want to give a shout out to the local fire department. as the tornado was paralleling highway # 8 and moving into the city. they were out there blocking traffic to keep folks from driving into the tornado as well as police out on the interstate. they had the interstate blocked for a time. >> chad myers, just amazing video we're watching here. what type of damage have you seen? >> the damage i've seen are telephone polls and power lines that are snappe
am here as well with our meteorologist chad myers. tell us what you saw. >> good evening, breanna. i originally picked up the tornado as it met out of marion county, mississippi. there was an initial report that came out of their emergency management that the tornado had struck several homes and people. from there i was able to pick it up about ten miles to the west of hattiesburg and tracked it into town. the tornado itself on the west side of the interstate was indeed larger than the eastern side of the interstate. we've been able to go back and look at our video in the last couple of hours since the tornado moved through at about 5:10 p.m. central time. i didn't hear sirens over there but as we moved into the downtown area towards the college campus, those sirens were loud and proud. i also want to give a shout out to the local fire department. as the tornado was paralleling highway 98 and moving into the city, they were out there blocking traffic to keep folks from driving into the tornado as well as there was police on the interstate. they had the interstate blocked at the time.
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